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Angelic Dewitt Simmons preacher, teacher, servant- leader, counselor, author, and mother. Underneath the veil of her humble beauty and gentle smile, is a caterpillar like story of transformation and transition.  She has withstood tumultuous times and dedicated her life to cultivating others as they evolve through their trials and advance through their troubles.  In each step of her walk with the Lord, she is encouraging others to reach their God-given potential in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

Raised in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Angelic was nurtured in a single parent Christian home with biblical values and principles.  A graduate of Calvary Baptist Institute and Regent University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Religious and Biblical studies.  Pastor Simmons is armed with a word of destiny.


At the age of 28 she married renowned evangelist, Pastor Nathan L. Simmons. After being married for 8 years and serving her husband as ministerial aid and supporter, wife and mother, Angelic Simmons learned the bittersweet side of ministry when her husband died. The loss of her husband impacted not only her, but her daughters, Victoria and Alexis, as well as the members of their church.  Uncertain about the future, she was propelled from servant to leader.

Determined to reach her God given aptitude, Senior Pastor Simmons launched Total Victory Worship Center.

Transformed from widow to weapon of power, her anointing deeply penetrates the mind, heart, and soul. Her teaching, preaching, and sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ has liberated many.  She is the author of a motivating and captivating book; From Ashes to Destiny.  As a woman of style, grace, and integrity, Angelic Dewitt Simmons is an inspiration to countless individuals as she seeks to empower them to become efficient and effective kingdom builder.

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